Ultimate Beard Growth Tips - Grow Your Beard in Days

How many times have you been taunted just because your chin is devoid of facial hair? Do you cry in the closet or blame your parents for such poor genetics? Perhaps, you are just tired of representing the clean-shaved party and you need to change allegiance to the real men’s club. These beard growth tips are absolute and if you can manage to stick with it, you’ll be glad you did.

Bath Regularly and Exfoliate Your Skin

We know what you’re thinking. The answer is no and yes. No, exfoliating isn’t restricted to women. No, it won’t make you feminine. Yes, you need to do both. When you bath, do so with warm water and a mild soap. Use a scrub to eliminate the dead skin cells which lie dormant on your face. You can also use an exfoliating mask, apply on your face and then after a few minutes, rinse it off.

Use a Beard Oil with Essential Hair Nutrients

When you want your cloth to sparkle, do you compromise on the quality of soap? No, and neither do you use inferior cooking ingredients for your food. The Anubis Black beard oil, from Vancouver, Canada, has been rated positively by hundreds of residents as one of the preferred oils to stimulate bread growth. It also helps people who already have beards to prevent beard breakage due to the presence of Argan oil and Grapeseed oil.

Accentuate Your Facial Curves

No doubt, when you stick to either the Anubis Black or the Premium Blend beard oil, you’ll see results. Now, the dilemma is to choose the appropriate length and style. The rule which governs beard growth is that your beard should accentuate the oval shape of your head. So, if you have a round head, make the beard longer, while if your head is tending towards an oblong shape, you should make it fuller at the sides.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Just like other things that pertain to your health, you might need to adjust your diet to stimulate and maintain hair growth. The reason for this is simple. You require meals which facilitate the secretion of DHT and testosterone as this will, in turn, initiate hair growth. You need to consume as many vitamins and minerals as possible and also take diets which are rich in carbs, fat, and a moderate amount of protein.

Some Beard Tips are Heavily Misleading

You must’ve heard the line that when you continually shave your hairless chin, you will eventually end up with an amazing beard. Lies! In fact, other than bruises and injuries, there’s nothing to offer. Also, there are several beard products which, after purchase, will fail to produce the desired effect. Consider trying the Anubis Black beard oil for a change.


And Always Remember

Wish your erstwhile club members goodbye as you journey into beardom. Make sure you keep your cool when you become the life of the party and don’t hesitate to share these beard tips with anyone in need, just like you.

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