You Get What You Pay For

A saying that we all have heard and is truer than true.  It applies to all areas of our lives but what it comes down to is what is important to you? Everyone is always looking for a deal.  Whether it’s a deal for food, electronics, products or more.  The cheaper the item, the cheaper the quality. Can we all agree?  
However, when it comes to products that you would use in or on your body;

$10 beard oils vs $30 beard oils - what is the difference? Cheap beard oil isn’t always great; great beard oil isn’t always cheap.  I know it is tempting to choose a cheaper product; we’ve all been there, but buying a product that is cheaper could cost you more in the long run.  Make sure you always read the labels. The ingredients will give you an idea of what you have to stay away from; synthetic or even ingredients that really do not have much beneficial qualities for the results that you are trying to achieve.  

Please pay attention to what ingredients are being used and put on labels.  Some cut the oil to keep cost low. Essential oils are not cheap and only a few suppliers have the certification to be called organic. Cheaper oils almost always contain some type of fillers that could feel great but add no nutrients. And that my friend does not help with beard growth or keep your beard healthy. 

If you know anything about skin care, there are certain products you have to use if you have a dry skin type and also for those who have combination to oily skin type. The amazing thing about Fortitude Beard Inc. is that the ingredients we use, works with all skin types. If your skin is super sensitive to scent or fragrance that causes skin irritation, rest assure that Fortitude Beard does not add any synthetic ingredients or artificial scents to their products. 

Higher quality beard oils normally have two key ingredients, a sub oil and a binding oil. As for Fortitude Beard Inc., we use two of the highest quality essential oil ingredients you can find on the market: Jojoba and Argan oil. These two oils provides the best benefits your beard deserves with incredible results you will definitely see. 

Before putting our products out there on the market, our team had made sure that all the ingredients we used were 1) certified organic and 2) ingredients that are highly known for the benefits they offer. Fortitude Beard Inc. takes pride in bringing you the best quality ingredients for the best result.

Don’t you think you deserve the best?

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