What's In Your Bottle?

Ever try to grow a long and thick beard but get stopped by itch and irritation? Or maybe you’ve tried, and as it grows, you’ve noticed patchy areas? Or those nasty pop up pimples? Or maybe some redness or even beard dandruff? So after facing one OR all of these, let’s be honest.  Annoying and unattractive issues, you’ve given up and gone back to the dreaded razor thinking, “Man, this is impossible! I wish I could grow a thick and sexy beard.  I guess it’s just not in the cards for me.”

Well, Fortitude knows the struggle!  We have seen it all and have gone through it ourselves! Who wants to deal with an itchy face or beard pimples?! NOT US! And we don’t want you to deal with that anymore either! That’s exactly why we’ve developed our Premium Blend Beard Oil. Each ingredient in this blend has been exclusively selected and is 100% certified organic.  Coming straight from the certified farms to the bottle, each of the oils in the Premium Blend have specific benefits to hydrate the skin and stimulate hair growth and soften course hair.

Unlike most beard oils available on the market, our Premium Blend is made with care and quality.  Competing products may try to sell you cheaper pricing or fancy packaging, but many beard oils available on the market today are ones that are of the same quality of cooking oil.  Fortitude believes strongly that when it comes to your face and beard care, quality is not something to skimp on.  Our commitment to ingredients that benefits your health is unwavering and we stand strong and proud behind the quality oils we provide!  You can expect nothing but the best in our bottle.

What’s in yours?

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