Fortitude Beard at Car Free Day

On Sunday June 17, Fortitude Beard Inc. had their booth at Car Free Day on Main St. in Vancouver BC. Many people with beards or people trying to grow beards, stopped by; most of them dragged by their wives or girlfriends. Most customers that had beards were seeking ways to style it. And of course, the Fortitude Family informed them what we could do for them, all the benefits from using products, and the different purposes for each product to help narrow down what they are looking for.

We each had a chance to talk to each customer and get to know them, and their beards, a little more personally. Women that brought their significant other over to our booth, were searching for a product that helped make their mens’ beard feel softer and smell more pleasant. These women wanted it to be appealing to them as well to their men. Most were looking for ways to reach that goal but just needed to be educated on the right product. Some of the women didn’t even know that beard oil is great for women’s hair, not only for men’s beards.

Men were also given the chance to enter our “One Year Supply Giveaway” that we were holding and close to 100 people entered to try and win this giveaway. Our lucky winner won 4 bottles of each of our beard oil product worth up to $400 that would last a year.

While participating in Car Free Day, we have learned that many are uneducated about beard oil in general. Many that passed by, didn’t know what it was or that such a thing existed. Those that did know about beard oil, still weren’t aware of the other beard oils out there that aren’t organic or healthy for your beard or skin or the fact that some products contain ingredients that aren’t necessarily beneficial to you. Most beard companies today do not inform customers of the pros and cons of their products. Knowing this, we would like to ensure all our customers know exactly they are putting in their hair and skin. We aim to keep people aware of all the harsh chemicals that our out there in other products and encourage them to look for the products that contains ingredients that are useful and rewarding when used.

For our products, we made sure to pick the best oils with the most favourable benefits. All of our oils contain certified organic jojoba and argan oil, which promotes softer hair and moisturized skin. Each product contains different oils, yet still good for your hair and skin. Our Premium Blend contains almond oil that helps soften your beard even more. Our Anubis Black oil is made with grapeseed oil that focuses more on moisturizing your beard and skin. Lastly, our Apollo Gold consists of hempseed oil and castor oil which helps with beard growth.

As you can see, we are very open in sharing what our product contains and highly encourage you to reading more into the next product you buy. Read up on the ingredients, google more information and search for better alternatives that are better in the long run. Feel free to look more into our products and tell us what you think.

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