What Customers are Saying

Your brand is awesome! It’s the best beard oil I’ve tried.  It’s the first thing that actually made my beard feel hydrated and lush.  Ive tried a few different ones but it’s the first one that’s really helped out.


Love what the product does to the ends of my hair. I'm very sensitive to smells and the smell is very minimal and natural smelling! Thanks for making my hair look great!

N. Castro

I choose Fortitude because it's a local company.  It’s very important to me that i know what I’m putting into may body and the source of that product is organic and Fortitude checks all of those.

C. Castro

Fortitude Beard Oil is outstanding!!!
I also have really bad eczema and I use topical cream because it showed fast results. However I was looking for another alternative to using anything chemical based.
So I applied a couple of times a day for the past couple of days and it's cleared up my eczema!

J. Edwards

The only Oil I use! Most oils have a greasy residue and funky smell.  But not Fortitude! Beard On!

K. Combs
Vancouver BC Canada's Best Beard Oil With Quality Ingredients - 100% Certified Organic Beard Oil


We all know the saying "Quality VS Quantity."
The same applies in life as it does for ALL of our ingredients in our beard oil. (read You Get What You Pay For.)

It doesn't matter how many ingredients you have in one bottle; what matters the most is the benefits you get with the quality of the ingredients in the bottle.  (read Oil Benefits)

Can we all agree, if you're going to put anything on our body, it should be kosher, right?  Fortitude Beard Inc. has worked diligently to ensure they provide the best of the best so it takes out the guess work.
You know your beard deserves the best, too!

Try a bottle today!

Benefits For Your Beard


If you hate dealing with dry or rough beards and you don’t know what to do with them, then our Premium Blend is what you need. It leaves your beard softer, stronger and shinier than before, giving it the perfect glo-up. (read more)


The Anubis Black beard oil focuses more on nourishing your beard and skin, while using all the right ingredients. This oil is used when you are looking deep moisturizing, as well of course, keeping it soft and shiny. (read more)


Apollo Gold is the right fit for you if you are looking to growing out your beard. This oil ensures hair growth as it contains castor and grapeseed oil. While assisting the growth of your beard, the Apollo Gold makes sure it stays strong and shiny, therefore making you look ready to go. (read more)