The History of Beards and Beard Oil

Look back in history, think of the great men who conquered their time and you’ll definitely picture bearded men. Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Charlie Chaplin, William Shakespeare, etc. Was a beard synonymous with success and worldwide fame? Maybe, maybe not. We might not say for sure if this theory holds water, however, we can attempt to go back in time and study those who lived the bearded life.

The Bearded life in Ancient Egypt

Some of us think of Egypt now and picture the astounding pyramids. Football lovers remember their beloved Mo Salah. However, long ago, the rich men of Egypt were one of the first to beard up and this caused beards to be associated with wealth. Before long, even the proletariat masses joined the beard gang and everyone began to show off their well-groomed chin.

Beards in Ancient Greece, India, and China

In Greece, the Spartans took particular interest in beard oils, cultivating the beards, and then ultimately allowing it grow as long as it can be. The same strategy was adopted in India and at a time, crimes such as adultery and indebtedness were punishable by shaving the beard. Chinese philosopher, Confucius, spearheaded the Chinese beard movement and he advised against altering any part of the body as it was against creation.

The Bearded life During the Renaissance Period

Okay, guys, it wasn’t all smooth at some point in time. King Henry VIII assumed power and automatically, growing a beard became a punishable offense, especially for poor people. If you were rich though, you were allowed to beard up as you like.

When Did Beard Oil Come into Existence

Try to make a wild guess. You might try based on the history of wax or balm but there’s a high chance that you’ll be off by miles. The first record of beard oil usage was in Babylon. This beard oil was made from sesame seeds and it was used to adorn their rulers and the legends then.

Civilization quickly came and the British came up with the Macassar Oil brand- available for both males and females (don’t ask, don’t tell). This oil, as thick as it was, became widely popular in the Victorian era, although just like the makeup females of today use, this beard oil was prone to rubbing off on people who came in contact with the users.

Beard Oils Now and For the Future

Everyone now wants to live the bearded life. At least almost every man. This surge has engendered lightweight beard oils made of grape seed, almond oils, etc. Beards are also worn in different ways and styles and it’s almost impossible to identify a place where the bearded life is not pervasive.

A Vancouver, Canada based beard oil company is constantly researching and developing products which will be ensconced in the 22nd-century market. Beard oils like the Anubis Black and the Premium Blend are already enjoying unprecedented patronage. The positive reviews being garnered is a testament to its efficacy and this is one of the chief reasons why we keep striving to do better.

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