Things To Know About Bearded Men & Beard Oil

Bearded Men are popping up everywhere. And now that you’re reading this, I bet you, as walk outside, you will start noticing Men with beards. At first you would notice just a couple of men with beards here and there walking around and then all of a sudden there is an Apocalypse of Bearded Men. But in a good way. 

Coming from a woman’s point of view, I really think "Beards" make a whole lot of difference in Men's Appearance’s. It enhances certain features about each individual man you see, giving them a certain sex appeal, making them look more mature and exude with more confidence. However, depending on how well you take care of your beard, you can also look like Tom Hanks in the movie “Cast Away”. It’s not a bad thing. But you and I can tell that his beard definitely looked like it needed some T.L.C.

Most men that I have met with beards just grew them without knowing there are products they can use to help with their beard growth process. Some men just have an epiphany and start searching on google what they can do. And some discover there are products out there just by hearing from other people that they use beard oil to help maintain their beards.  Whichever one you are, taking care of your beard will definitely benefit you in the long run. And that will be a topic for another day.


In the meantime, here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to Beard oil:

  1. Know the Ingredients

Now that you’ve discovered that there are products for your beard, the next thing is to get educated on the ingredients.  Beard oil ingredients vary but it is generally made of essential oils.  The best base oils are Argan, Jojoba and Grapeseed.  These oils are packed with antioxidants and conditioning ingredients that help hydrate and moisturize your skin and beard, reducing beard itch, beard dandruff and creating an overall healthier, better beard. There are a lot of oils out there that Companies provide, but be on the look-out of what you and your beard can benefit from each oil.


  1. Benefits of using beard oil

As your beard grows, it absorbs the natural oils from you skin causing your dry skin, redness, beard itch and even beard dandruff. Beard oil is the perfect way, in addition, to moisturize and maintain the health of your beard and especially your skin. Beard oil is the cure!
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  1. How to use beard oil

The best time to apply beard oil is right after you’ve washed your beard with warm water and towel dried your beard.  Warm water helps open up your beard hair’s cuticles and follicles which helps your beard absorb the oils. If it is your first time starting out using beard oil, I would recommend using no more than a dime sized amount to get your beard and skin use it the oil.  Rub the beard oil into your hands and massage it throughout your beard onto the skin. For best results, do this twice a day.
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As you are becoming a beard growth pro, keep in mind not all beard oils are alike. Try not to let a name of a company influence your choice.  And most importantly, get to know the ingredients in the beard oil you’re using.



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